About Mindopia

Mindopia is a centre of early education in Kolkata. It’s a Preschool, learning and activity centre that is focused on helping your child realize his/her true potential. We adopt a very unique approach to help children enhance their creativity, develop the habit of learning new things and cultivate good social skills. We believe that children have infinite potential and the sooner you tap into their talents, the better they will be able to prepare for the life ahead.

Our Vision

Mindopia is backed by highly accomplished educators.  We aim to emerge as a leader in Preschool education by providing the most relevant curriculum in early education. The team is highly motivated and passionate to provide young learners with a stress-free environment and lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Goal

The mission at Mindopia International Preschool is to focus on holistic child development by providing the most relevant tools and a positive learning experience. We aim to provide young learners with a safe and friendly environment where they are free to express themselves and comfortable to learn new things. 

What makes Mindopia unique?

Holistic Child Development

International Curriculum

Hands-On Learning Experience

Passionate and Caring Team

Smart Technology Enabled

Clean and Hygienic Environment

Child-Friendly Infrastructure

Air Cooled Classrooms

CCTV Surveillance