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  • Nursery Teacher Training (N.T.T.)
  • Primary Teacher Training (P.T.T.)
  • School Administration & Leadership
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Mindopia International Preschool

Your Child's First Steps in Learning

Our PlayGroup, Nursery, and KG programs help your child grow socially, emotionally, and academically, preparing them for a successful academic life.


PlayGroup is a child's first step away from home. We smooth this transition by focusing on social, emotional, and problem-solving skills, as well as motor development.


Nursery is a stage of exploration and self-expression. We boost confidence in English speaking and build foundational pre-math and cognitive skills like pattern recognition.


In KG, we prioritize both oral and written language skills. Our program also covers world awareness, math, and science to prepare children for formal schooling.

Mindopia International School

Admissions Open for Classes I-X

Discover Mindopia's Educational Pillars

  • Expert Teachers: Dedicated to nurturing your child's potential.
  • Tech-Enabled Learning: Modern computer lab for digital proficiency.
  • Expansive Library: A treasure trove of books for curious minds.
  • Active Body & Mind: Physical training for holistic health.
  • Broad Horizons: A range of extracurriculars to fuel diverse interests.

Our Core Learning Structure

Social and Emotional Development

Understanding the challenge of transitioning from home to school, we focus on making this shift smooth and nurturing. Our approach includes teaching children to share, assist others, and foster independence.

Language Development

We nurture our children's innate desire to communicate and understand the world. Our environment encourages them to confidently express themselves in English, fostering natural language acquisition and experimentation.

Life Essentials

Our curriculum connects classroom experiences to the real world, promoting empathy, compassion, and respect. Collaborative activities encourage teamwork and leadership skills, preparing children for future social interactions.

Motor Skill Development

Recognizing the critical nature of early childhood in developing fine and gross motor skills, our activities are designed to enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor control. This ensures proficiency in using pencils and brushes, laying a foundation for future skills.

Numeracy Development

Emphasizing the importance of numeracy, we prepare children for abstract thinking. Through sorting, matching, and number recognition activities, we connect numerals to quantities, fostering mathematical understanding and problem-solving abilities.

Creativity and Self-Expression

We believe in the importance of self-expression for holistic development. Our program offers various avenues for creative expression, including song, dance, rhyme, and dramatic play. Children learn to express themselves in everyday tasks.